Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Google Chrome OS will bring a lot of changes

As stated on this blog, Google will be working on an Operation System and is call Google Chrome OS. These announcement means a lot of things.

Netbook Era

Netbook will greatly benefit from this OS. In hardware's point of view netbook was created mainly for web use, while there are a lot of attempt in making existing OS to run efficiently this time it got more serious. We'll likely to have a real instant boot OS, and web application to perform like desktop application. This make netbook more fun and exciting and sooner it will have a market share bigger than desktop and laptops.

Application Development

No doubt that everybody is going for web as a platform for development. With this HTML 5 and Javascript will be greatly benefited. With Google Chrome OS, it looks like HTML 5 and Javascript will be the default or native language for development. With HTML 5 multimedia capabilities and offline storage are such a good addition that it almost makes it a complete language. We'll likely to see Javascript perform like C, and perhaps having an access on the OS API. There's a possibility new language will come out to rival against Javascript. I wonder how is Flash, Silverlight, and Java going to be supported in this OS.

Internet connection

The OS will be nothing if it has no internet access. This will make the mobile internet coverage will grow, either by wifi/wimax, 3g. I hope this opportunity that the OS will bring could make the mobile internet more affordable.

Lots of good and bad things will come, as I am excited to see how the consumer/end user benefited from this OS. I like to see how other OS maker will respond like Microsoft, Apple, Linux dist..

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Django Documentation Offline Version

Django 1 is here, and Many are happy about it. And I believe many could try it out, and readily downloadable documentation could be helpful. For those who wants an offline version of Django Documentation you can download it here. I'll be updating this offline version weekly as necessarily.


Downloadable Django Documentation as of 2008.09.11

Downloadable Django Documentation as of 2009.07.04

A Django site.